Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

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Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

     I discovered Chasing Unicorns recently, and although their aesthetic pulled me in, their philosophy is what made me fall in love. A bit of their story:

"Chasing Unicorns grew from a life long love of vintage, a decade of global roaming, and the desire to create beautiful, timeless, quality pieces that are made to last. We adore the idea of lasting fashion as opposed to ephemeral trends and have endeavored to give each piece a special hand-finish that will make the wearer want to treasure it forever. These are clothes intended to be passed on from mother to daughter, from one sibling to the next and then on to your children's children. Standing the test of time, just like the beautiful vintage they are inspired from."

Founded in Byron Bay, Australia, Chasing Unicorns' collections are a mix of new and carefully curated vintage. What is new is crafted by hand and their attention to detail and passion for ethical clothing is truly inspiring.

The result is a rock and roll bohemian wardrobe fit for a free-spirit's dreams. My personal favorite piece is the frilly sheer lace dress below, but honestly, it's all golden. With billowy fabrics and intricate details...what's not to love?

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns

Brand Love: Chasing Unicorns
Photos from Chasing Unicorns.

What do you think of this bohemian brand?

The Benefits Of Writing In A Journal

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The Benefits Of Writing In A Journal

     I recently sat down to read a stack of my old journals. Thrilling, right? The dates spanned the last five years; particularly tough times in my life. I anticipated it would be a dreary activity, but was surprized to feel a surge of pride when I closed the last book. I hadn't realized how much I had changed in as little as five years! I started to consider all the good journaling can do - it really can be an act of self-care. If you're looking for a reason to pick up a pen, here are some benefits of writing in a journal.


It's a huge confidence boost to reflect on your challenges and how much you've overcome. It's not just seeing your progress, but seeing that you are progressing, that makes you feel like you can take on whatever obstacles come your way.

Recording memories:

I came across quite a few entries I would have never remembered had taken place if I couldn't read about them. I'm always ready to take a trip down memory lane! If you're like me and have a less-than-stellar memory, journaling will help you recall all the little details of special occasions for years to come.


Bullet journaling has become super popular; this method is used to map ideas, keep track of goals, save lists, and stay organized. Some swear by this journaling technique, so if traditional journaling isn't for you, bullet journaling may fit your lifestyle just right.

Reducing stress:

I first started journaling as a way to combat my anxiety and help me stay grounded; it helped me to get my feelings and thoughts down on paper. Journaling can be incredibly therapeutic, especially if you don't have anyone to talk to. There's no better way to work through tough problems and clear your head.

Boosting creativity:

Besides being a great creative exercise before writing, journaling can also help you improve your writing skills. You could even try using your journal to sketch or write poetry!

Encouraging mindfulness:

So many of us never think about our day; we're so caught up in distractions! Journaling can help you be more mindful by making you stop and think about day-to-day events and how you feel about them. It's much easier to be in the moment when you're writing.

With all these benefits, why not try your hand at keeping a journal yourself?

The Benefits Of Writing In A Journal

Do you keep a journal? What are your experiences?

The August 2017 Swimsuit Edit

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The August 2017 Swimsuit Edit
Photo from ROWIE.

     I could not let summer slip away without rounding up my favorite swimsuits, and boy are there ever some amazing ones this year. One-piece swimsuits are back, and I have been absolutely loving this trend; I am wishing for every one of these! I adore when brands play up the nostalgic appeal with over-the-top 80's and 90's inspired designs, but for this edit, I chose a wearable mix of fun prints and delicate details. Finally, a chance to unleash your inner Kelly Kapowski!

The August 2017 Swimsuit Edit

1. So Choice Bikini - Free People.
2. Starlet 80's One Piece - Wildfox.
3. Out From Under Kelly Snap Swimsuit - Urban Outfitters
4. Vibin' One-Piece Swimsuit - Free People.
5. Brass Bodysuit - ROWIE The Label.
6. Beach Riot One-Piece Swimsuit - Urban Outfitters.

Brand Love: ROWIE

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Brand Love: ROWIE

     I'm back with another brand to love, and yet again it hails from the land down under. ROWIE The Label is the namesake of Byron Bay native Rowie Moore, self-taught designer and lover of vintage. The Austrailian artist takes her inspiration from the colorful streets of NSW, a haven for bohemians since the 1970's.

My love of the 1970's aesthetic is no secret, and ROWIE does it well. My favorite collection is Festival '17; these looks are eclectic and feminine, with a twist of rock and roll; plush velvet and suede are the cornerstones. The Chelsea dress in natural tops my wish list; just a little bit Farrah Fawcett and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label

Brand Love: ROWIE The Label
Photos from ROWIE The Label.
What do you think of Rowie The Label?

How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

     August is here and we'll soon be bidding farewell to the last days of Summer. I'd love to squeeze in a vacation before the final adieu! Unfortunately, we don't all have the time or money to hop on a plane. That doesn't mean we can't make a vacation right where we are, though! Here's how you can have a super fun staycation, no passport required.


First, here are some staycation supplies to consider picking up: fuzzy robes and slippers (such as you would find in a luxurious hotel), scented candles, fancy soap and toiletries, delicious take out (to eat in bed like room service, of course), a good book, a fresh vase of flowers, movie rentals, mini bar snacks, an extra comfy duvet and fluffed up pillows, and if you have one lying around, a hammock.

Plan your staycation:

The first thing you'll need to do is carve out the time for your staycation. There are no chores, work, or alarm clocks on vacation, and there shouldn't be on your staycation, either. Turn off your cell phone and don't check your email. The goal is to disconnect from the every day as much as possible. It's time to relax!


Feel like being a tourist? Here are some fun ideas to make you see your town with new eyes:

1. Visit a Farmer's market or orchard: Besides being great exercise, apple picking photos are the best photos.

2. Go swimming: Head to your local pool or water park; don't forget the sunscreen!

3. See a show: Splurge on tickets to a concert or a play.

4. Go antique shopping: Browse the local antique shops and flea markets.

5. Visit a botanical garden: Spend a few relaxing hours strolling among fresh Summer blooms.

6. Check out a local museum.

7. Visit a zoo or an aquarium.

8. Pretend you're a tourist in your hometown: look up local tourist attractions and visit them. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

9. Explore local trails: On a bike or on foot, spending a day in the woods is sure to help you unwind.

10. Take a ferry trip: Plan a day trip to a local island by ferry.

11. Visit a spa: Have a mini spa retreat! Be sure to book a massage.

12. Go camping: Whether you're in the woods or your own backyard, sleeping under the stars is always fun.

13. Practice a little Hygge: Hygge involves relaxing, unplugging, and indulging... sounds like a vacation to me!

14. Grab a paddle: Ever try kayaking or canoeing? If you live near water, now's your chance!

15. Go for a ride: Rent a tandem bike and explore your neighborhoods.

16. Visit a lake or beach: Spread out a blanket and spend the day getting some sun, reading a good book, or taking a dip!

17. Eat an al fresco dinner: Create your own outdoor cafe! Invite close friends for an outdoor dinner party complete with wine and garden lights, of course.

How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

Have you ever tried a staycation? What are your favorite ways to have fun without traveling?

How To Be A Fashion Blogger On A Budget

How To Be a Fashion Blogger On A Budget

     Earlier this month, I shared a list of my favorite resources for new fashion bloggers. If you've recently started a fashion blog of your own, you've probably realized by now that it takes more than design resources and worksheet freebies to keep it running; it takes a vast and ever-changing wardrobe.

Fashion blogging can be expensive. It's so difficult to keep up with what everyone else is wearing and come up with fresh style content on a regular basis. However, I believe that style is for everyone, so today I'm sharing my tips on how to dress well without shelling out too much; read on to find out how you can be a fashion blogger on a budget!

Get Creative.

Mix and match pieces you've already worn on your blog to create new outfits! Try to rework them in a whole new way; sometimes pairing unexpected pieces can result in your most popular posts. I definitely repeat items (I've worn the same pair of sandals in my last three posts!), and as long as you're mixing it up, it's still fresh.

Shop Affordably.

Stores like ASOS and Topshop are great places to find trendy pieces and basics for less. When shopping "fast fashion", be sure to pay attention to quality to ensure they last; forgo fabrics like rayon and viscose in favor of cotton and wool, which tend to be sturdier and look more expensive.

Check The Clearance Rack.

Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and search the sale section. The other day, I found a Wildfox Couture tank at my local Winners on clearance for $11! I was pretty stoked to find one of my favorite brands at such a markdown. Always give sales a chance; you might score a great find.

Don't Follow Every Trend.

I tend to ignore trends for three reasons: 1.) There's no point wasting money on something you don't actually like or will tire of very soon when you could spend that money on something you do like. 2.) following every single trend will rack up some serious expenses, and 3.) They will become dated fast. Opt instead for sturdy pieces that fit your style beautifully, and you'll actually want to wear for seasons to come.

Get The Basics.

A great pair of jeans can be worn with dozens of statement tops to create different looks, while the perfect sandals will go with any dress. Try to think of a few different ways you can pair an item with your existing wardrobe before making purchases.

Keep It Minimal.

Sometimes less is more! Sell what you no longer wear on sites like Depop or Tradesy.  I love doing this; every once in a while I make enough to buy another item I love. It's environmentally friendly, thrifty, and will clear up space in your closet for new loves.

Shop Pre-Loved.

I love vintage, and the hunt for a perfect piece is a hobby in its own right. If you're looking solely for designer digs, there are upscale thrift shops like Thred Up and The Real Real dedicated to delivering the gently used brands you love.

Shop Outlets.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are some of my favorite places to shop. They carry hundreds of brands at a fraction of the price and receive a few shipments per week. You never know what you're going to find, so every trip is a surprise!

Quality Over Quantity.

This applies to posts as well as clothes! I only shoot a few outfit posts per month. While it seems some fashion bloggers are churn out new posts every day, don't feel the need to compete with them. Instead, spend a few days putting together an outfit you really like and take your time shooting the best photos you can.

How To Be A Fashion Blogger On A Budget

That's it for my tips! What are your fave frugal ways to fashion blog?

Friday Favorites: 28/07/17

Friday Favorites: 28/07/17
Photos from A Beautiful Mess and Stargaze Jewelry.

     Whew! It's Friday again! Has anyone else felt like the week just whirled by? 

Apart from enjoying the incredible sunshine, I've been as busy as a bee working on up-and-coming posts, and I'm really excited to share them with you guys! I won't spoil the surprise, so for now, I offer up my weekly favorite things. Enjoy!

  • To Want: The stunning Opal Soleil Necklace from Stargaze Jewelry was on pre-order just last week, and has already sold out! Can we get a re-stock?
  • To Listen: I discovered Space Age Love Song the other day, and can't get enough! The seriously adorable music video stars Jennifer Connolly.
  • To Read: I've been re-reading Jane Eyre and swooning over her romance with Mr. Rochester. Sigh...
  • To Make: Want to bring a bit of life indoors? A Beautiful Mess can show you how to create DIY wall mounted plants.

What are your favorite things this week?